Client Testimonials

“Excellent work from Matt!   Adding that live drum sparkle makes all the difference, and being able to send a rough mix to Matt and get a fully mixed fantastic sounding drum track back is a brilliant way to work if you’re up against a tight deadline.” – David Lowe, Film / TV Composer
“Matt is a great guy to add groove to your music. He is a solid drummer and also has many years as an engineer himself. This enables Matt to have a deeper understanding of what drum style / sound is appropriate for the material he is working on”
Luke Buttery, Producer / Engineer for Noel Gallagher, Jamie Woon, Katy B, Mark Ronson.
“Matt has provided me with killer drum tracks that took my songs to another level, as well as great advice on song arrangement and production. I guess it comes from not only years of drumming but years of producing and engineering to the highest standard”
Frankie Francis, Singer/songwriter, Australia
“Matt did an excellent job recording drums for my latest track. His playing was thoughtful and tasteful, it instantly took the track to a whole new level.” – Mark Dowd, Singer/songwriter, UK
We’re an acoustic trio from London who needed a drummer to play on our self produced CD. Matt’s drumming is crisp, unfussy and superbly recorded. I’ll definitely be using Matt again for our second CD and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him” – Patric O Connor, Clearspot, UK
“Love the energy! The drums add a layer of respectability that even the best samples just can’t touch” – Jon, Natura Cinematica, UK
“Very versatile drummer, I personally recommend him. So if you want to replace your MIDI drums with something real head over to his site” – Matthew Hodson – Freelance Engineer / Producer
“I’ve been playing with Matt for many years and his drumming is consistently tight, dynamic & great to play with. He has a great musical ear & is very versatile so he can confidently tackle many different styles of music and will always be sensitive to the song he’s playing. His mixing, editing & production skills & experience make him a well-rounded & professional guy to work with” – Steve Baker – The Online Session Guitarist –
“Matt is a great drummer to work with, sensitive to all styles. He adds to arrangements in a creative and accomplished manner. All round nice chap too!” – Solo artist Fiona Sally Miller
A clip of Fiona and Matt at the Union Chapel below….