Monday 14.11.16
Time flies, haven’t updated in a while, still really busy with session tracks, and also composing some library music – one of my tracks was used on the Channel 4 series, Walking Through Time.
Tuesday 01.09.15
Still here, just haven’t updated for a while. Have become a dad since the last update, hundreds more session tracks and more touring – off to Russia this week.
Friday 12.04.13
Haven’t updated this blog in ages……between now and the last update there have been hundreds of session tracks, more touring with the Real Tuesday Weld, and composition work with Chemical Audio. And a holiday in Cambodia for all of January, which was needed……….
Wednesday 09.05.12
Some funky drums from myself on this new promo airing on Comedy Central right now, for South Park, produced by my audio company Chemical Audio………

Thursday 16.02.12
Just got back from  a short tour of Europe with The Real Tuesday Weld, including playing on the Belgian version of Jools Holland, and a live session on Inter France, the French equivalent of Radio 2. A great trip!
Here’s  a shot of the Inter France studio before the audience turned up ….
Friday 09.12.11
My first interview in Rhythm (Europe’s biggest drum magazine)
Tuesday 20.09.11
Been really busy in the studio working on Cinematic Orchestra style jazz, space rock, acoustic folk, and drum and bass / dubstep stuff. A varied couple of weeks
Earlier in the week I was recording with the orchestra at Snap Studios, a wonderful studio with some great gear, including the best sounding grand piano I’ve ever played on, and an amazing selection of microphones….they have the holy grail…a C12. Plus a Fairchild compressor (as used by the Beatles, eg the Lady Madonna piano). The drum sound was amazing, will definitely consider using them for online sessions at some point….

Saturday 17.07.11 –
Loads more drumming work coming in, some rock stuff, a ballad and a breakbeat track.
Tuesday 14.06.11 –
Thought I’d start writing a blog about drumming, engineering and music in general……
Played percussion with The Age Of Not Believing Orchestra for the first time on Saturday night, at the wonderful Kings Place venue in London. Played kit, orchestral bass drum, glockenspiel and a big old gong. We played some classic Disney themes and original songs also.
Apparently we will be recording an album of Saturdays set at the Union Chapel soon.